June 2011


Milia: What Causes Milia And How Do I Get Rid Of Milia Under My Eyes?

Posted in Skin Solutions by carrie

What are milia?

Milia are tiny white cysts which appear most commonly on the face, around the eyes, cheek and nose.  Milia cysts, or milk spots as they are often called, are filled with a substance called keratin which is … read the full post


Beauty Flash June 2011: Breaking Beauty News

Posted in Beauty News by carrie

Welcome to our first Beauty Flash – the place where we fill you in on all the hottest news from Dermalogica and the beauty industry as a whole. 

Dermalogica celebrates 25 years

At the beginning of the month Dermalogica founder … read the full post


FAQ: How Do I Get Rid Of Dry, Chapped Lips?

Posted in Clean Start - Teenage Skin, Skin Solutions by carrie

This week our skin therapist Carrie talks about the very common problem of dry, chapped and cracked lips. 

Your question: How do I get rid of dry, chapped lips?

Carrie:  Lips are normally protected from excessive dryness by a … read the full post


It’s Hair Removal Time

Posted in Skin Facts by carrie

If you’re following our recent article on moon phases you will know that the moon is waning between now and the 1st July, making this the perfect time for hair removal.  Under a waning moon re-growth is thought to be … read the full post


FAQ: Can Dermalogica Help My Rosacea?

Posted in Skin Solutions by carrie

It’s back – our regular weekly spot where our Dermalogica skin therapist, Carrie answers your questions about everything skin care.  This week the focus is on rosacea.

Your question: Can Dermalogica Help My Rosacea?

Carrie: Rosacea is incredibly common read the full post


Introducing Dermalogica Clean Start

Posted in Beauty News, Clean Start - Teenage Skin by carrie

Wave goodbye to teenage skin problems.  Dermalogica have released a pioneering new skin care regime developed specifically for teenage skin.  Aimed at alleviating the most common teen skin problems – pimples and acne, oily skin, blackheads, dry and flaky skin, … read the full post


How To Stay Safe In The Sun

Posted in Skin Facts by carrie

As the weather hots up here in sunny Berkshire there is no mistaking that intoxicating feeling the sun brings – a spring in your step, a smile on your face and, for a moment, all is well with the world.  … read the full post

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