FAQ: I’m a manly man – can I moisturise?

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Our regular weekly spot where our local Dermalogica skin therapist answers your questions about everything skin.

Your Question: I’m a manly man- can I moisturise?

Carrie: Yes is the answer your looking for – your skin is no different to a woman! That’s good for lots of reasons of course, but it also means that you will age, have dry skin and experience pigmentation – all sorts of reasons to look after your skin and especially to moisturise!

As an extra challenge, men’s facial skin is prone to irritation and dryness because of shaving. Dermalogica have a men’s skin care range out (Dermalogica Shave), which will have everything you need to look after your skin.

If you have a moustache that needs some extra love, have a look at our special ‘mo care post!

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