Is Toner Really Necessary?

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There is much debate about whether it is necessary to include a toner in your daily skin care regime and it is the step which is most commonly overlooked.  The views are mixed to say the least: toners are necessary, toners are not necessary, toners just strip the skin, toners are good for extra cleansing, toners are only for those with oily skin…..  No wonder there is confusion over whether to tone or not to tone!

Dermalogica firmly believes that toning is an essential part of any good skin care regime.  The right toner can provide many health benefits for all skin types:

  • Intensified hydration
  • More even porosity
  • Protection against anti-aging triggers
  • Balanced oil-production
  • Soothed irritation, redness and inflammation

The Right Toner

The key here is finding the right toner.  It is surprising how many toners still contain S.D. Alcohol even though it is known to strip every trace of natural oil from your skin.  The result is often over-compensating sebaceous glands and increased oil production.  With dry skin conditions S.D Alcohol can intensify dryness, leading to sensitivity and premature aging.  So it is important to steer clear of toners containing S.D. Alcohol.  A toner containing alcohol should not be part of your skin care regime, but a hydrating, alcohol-free one should be!  Also choose a toner which is sympathetic to your individual skin type and you will be on the right track to beneficial toning.              

Don’t Confuse Toning With Cleansing

All too frequently we hear people say they love the ‘deeper’ clean feeling toning gives them and they can see from the cotton pad that the toner is shifting dirt not removed by cleansing.  A harsh S.D. Alcohol toner may well be good at striping dirt, but it will also strip natural oils from your skin.  If you have residue left over after cleansing this is a sign you are not cleansing effectively.  However you cleanse your skin, it is important to double cleanse in order to ensure you remove every trace of make-up, debris and oil.  We recommend you start with Dermalogica PreCleanse to dissolve debris from the skin’s surface and then follow with your recommended Dermalogica cleanser.  If you have cleansed properly, you should not see any residue on the cotton pad when you tone.  Instead your toner will be left free to do the job it is meant to do – balance skin pH and moisture levels, even porosity, protect and increase the penetration of other products.      




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